Friday, December 14, 2007

Frosted Window-panes, candles gleaming inside. . .

Well, I'm finally over the ocean craze, not in actual fact, but at least for the time being, while the weather speaks so clearly of Christmas in the air.
So, thoughts of luxury take me to elegantly decorated mansions full of light, dancers of a bygone era twirling at Christmas balls, choirs announcing the birth of the Lord beneath cathedral walls, and all the other lovely things that make Christmas so very special.
In a sense, Christmas is the most naturally luxurious season of all. Bathed in the grace of the newborn King, nothing lacks richness. Our own spirits, renewed in the boundless Love of the Christ Child, savour everything large and small, because we have been given that Divine Peace that overflows and transforms everything else. Everything has been touched by the hand of God until it radiates a warmth not of this world, and we rest content in the midst of such luxurious good will.

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