Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is It

One of these days, I want to own this home. I've picked this one over many of the places I've posted for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that this one looks slightly more doable. It's a little less pretentious than some of the others, yet large enough to encompass all the sorts of activities I and my family would be sure to pursue, and still lovely enough to appease my thirst for beauty. The building is obviously not new construction, which lends character and an intriguing sense of history to the place. There are the shutters that I love, and elegant window-doors (not strictly French) that invite easy passage between indoors and out. The yard appears to be on the larger side, which means there is room for games of tag, games of croquet, and garden parties. The pool is a very large selling point of course, but I like the fact that it too, bears a sense of age with it. It isn't your typical plastic pool put in last year by the local pool company. I especially like the whimsy of the frog sentinels at the corners. Yes, I could definitely see myself spending the rest of my days in a place like this.

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healthily sanguine said...

I could see you spending the rest of your life in a place like this too. To achieve this goal, however, will require a rich spouse. Don't worry--I'm looking on Facebook for you!